We have formed a team of specialists that have dedicated more than 35 years to the advice of trademarks registration. This great experience allows us to broaden our horizons in order to offer our clients not only advice but also to provide them with tools that make the trademark process a more expeditious and transparent process.


In MONTOYA KOCIECKI & ASOCIADOS we have developed a sophisticated trademarks search engine, which has helped us, for several years, to give our customers a quick and accurate response before starting any trademark process. Having a broad database to consult, gives our clients the benefit of having all the information they need about the background of the brand of interest, before investing time and money in official searches.


We make a full accompaniment before the authorities of intellectual property registration, both in Colombia and in the rest of the world, to proceed with your trademark applications. We have a record of around 47,000 records of transactions made during our existence, which allows us to provide the best advice to protect your or your client's IP rights.


Our firm has managed important international brand portfolios and taking into account the experience acquired, makes us experts to manage and successfully maintain all of your trademark portfolios.


MONTOYA, KOCIECKI & ASOCIADOS, has a surveillance and control software designed to measure the rights of each registered trademark in Colombia. Becoming our client gives you security and peace of mind.